Advanced Technologies for UAS



Aerial data, Real-time analysis of multispectral image and video, Electronic embedded systems, Prototyping and design of electronic and RF systems, Optoelectronics, SIGINT and COMINT.



C2 and Mission Datalinks (Terrestrial, SATCOM), FSO Communications, Flexible platforms and architectures (SDR and SoCs based), Networks and Protocols for Communications.



Robust and reliable┬ánavigation systems based on multisensors data fusion (GPS, IMUs, pressure and magnetometer sensors,…). GNSS augmentation systems (DGPS, RTK, PPP) and GNSS signals integrity analisys.


Complementary Systems

Drone detection systems, Simulation tools for communications, Navigation and Failure prediction.

Gradiant Solutions for multiple Use Cases

Wildfires 0


Territory control 01

Land management

MAritime surv 04

Maritime surveillance


Poaching prevention


Counter UAVs

Border Control 04

Perimeter and border control

Caption: Imperial Valley, Salton Sea, CA / ModelRelease: N/A / PropertyRelease: N/A (Newscom TagID: ndxphotos113984)     [Photo via Newscom]

Farming & cattle management

Emergencies 01

Emergency assistance

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Gradiant expertise


Intelligent video analysis from UAVs: using multispectral airborne cameras (e.g. visible and thermal) , Gradiant provides technology for scene analysis and object detection and tracking, enabling the development of surveillance, search and rescue, and natural resources and environmental protection applications.


Support for the design of modular applications for onboard and land systems

Navigation and positioning

Robust and trustable navigation systems based on multisensors data fusion (GPS, IMUs, pressure sensor and so on). GPS augmentation systems (DGPS, RTK, PPP) and GNSS signals integrity analisys.

Data explotation and discreet events

Analisys and interpretation of data from flight data and sensors, extraction of valuable information for informed decission making. Missions modeling for resources optimization and incidences prediction.

Communications subsystems

Design and implementation of standard and ad-hoc communications subsystems for UAVs.





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